There is no evident way to eliminate climate change. However, the United States has made some plans targeting carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere and trying to reduce the amount of oil we use by 2035.

Carbon Emission

To think that we are responsible for over 90% of the carbon emissions placed in the Earth’s atmosphere. There are various factors to climate change and the effect that it has on the environment. Carbon Dioxide can be emitted through pollution that we cause, through vehicles that we use, and... through factories that we work in. There is no way to stop the emissions of Carbon Dioxide, but there are ways to limit the amount that is being produced. We can do this through using more renewable energy so we aren’t overusing supplies that grow over millions of years. We can use more natural types of energy like biomass energy, tidal energy, solar energy, wind energy, etc. We can also limit the amount of deforestation by using other materials besides wood. There are plenty of alternatives to use. We can start going more green and stop driving cars and other vehicles to locations that aren’t far. Factories can even limit how much they produce in factories and food establishments. When factories produce certain items, it often requires killing animals, tearing down trees, using crops to get a specific color pigment. The after effects of factories are even worse as it leads to mass pollution. We can limit pollution by recycling but, did you know that only 1% of materials put to get recycled actually get recycled? Yes, only 1% of the billions of items are getting recycled. The other 99% get thrown into another countries land which just leads to more pollution and entropy which is the spreading of Carbon Dioxide. There are also natural factors of Carbon Dioxide emissions. Examples would be the Earth’s axis, the Earth’s tilt, and the Earth’s rotation around the sun. Radiation from the sun also enters the Earth’s atmosphere.

The Top 5 Most Polluted Countries

There are five countries that are responsible for 61% of the world’s pollution. The country that emits the most Carbon Dioxide is China. They release 30% of the world’s pollution. This is due to their enormous market and their industry that keeps growing which will continually just become more dangerous. China emits more Carbon Dioxide than any other country. It has contributed to 1.6 million deaths per year. The country that “won” second place is ... the United States, causing 15% of the world’s pollution. The United States is the world’s biggest industrial and commercial power. Due to this, it led to the most important combats in climate change. In 2018, America produced about 261 million tons of solid waste according to its’ Environmental Protection Agency. A little over half of the waste, 133 million tons, was gathered in landfills, but only about 34% was actually recycled or composted. The country that holds third place is India. 14/15 of the world’s most contaminated cities derive from India. India emits so much Carbon Dioxide and pollution that they needed to create a law protecting air quality in 1981. India burns so many fossil fuels which is one of the leading factors to why it’s so polluted. India is one of the riskiest countries to breathe in. After India comes Russia, emitting 5% of the world’s pollution. Russia has a high dependence on products like oil, coal, gas and fossil fuels. Russia also has one of the highest levels of deforestation and animal hunting. Last but not least is Japan. They emit 4% of the world’s pollution. Japan is the biggest consumer of fossil fuels and has the fifth largest greenhouse gas emissions. This is due to high level of urban development and industry that has little to no care for nature. These are the top 5 countries out of the 195 countries that are responsible for over half of the pollution that the world causes.

Global Warming is Melting Russia

A severed wolf head had been preserved for 32,000 years in permafrost 65 feet underground in the Northeastern part of Serbia. Serbia warms up twice as fast as any other part of the world. The permafrost is thawing. It shouldn’t be slowly melting because it’s permanently frozen land. Global warming is ... essentially warming up one of the coldest places on Earth. Since Russia is dependent on the cold, global warming starts to deform the land which destroys houses and barns. It causes severe flooding and threatens villages with permanent flooding, damaging dirt roads and the hunting patterns of hunters. This leaves for residents to feel “baffled, unsettled, helpless, depressed and irritated”. Global warming is mostly a myth and a thought but in Russia, global warming is clearly well known and made aware of as ⅔ of the country is covered in permafrost. Summer in Russia usually runs through June 1st - September 1st but now, they have an additional couple of weeks for summer. The average annual temperature has risen by 4.5 degrees. Winters have become warmer and summers have become longer, which leads to all top layers of ice to start melting. Now the ice melts down at least ten feet when the maximum use to be three feet. Hunters are running out of permafrost spaces to put their meat in so the meat rots way faster than it used to. Farmers are also in trouble because they have to keep relocating their work area and move it further away from their home which is an inconvenience to them. So many houses were left abandoned and roads were washed off that it looks like a “war” happened there. Climate change and global warming is not something to take lightly. It might not be affecting us but, it has already taken a toll on people in Russia and their lifestyle.