Though much needs to be done to help preserve our environment, some countries have already started to work on this problem. Below you can find articles on countries like Iceland and the United States who have made eco-friendly efforts.
Iceland Making Strides

Expand the use of renewable energy & transform our energy system into one that is more clean and efficient by being less dependent on coal and other fossil fuels.

Iceland is leading the way to using more renewable energy. It receives their energy through geothermal and hydroelectric power. Geothermal energy is thermal energy generated and stored in the Earth naturally. Hydroelectric energy is electricity produced by hydropower (the force of the water being released from the reservoir through the dam spins the blades of a giant turbine making electricity). Read More

Fuel Efficiency

Increase vehicle fuel efficiency and support other solutions that are willing to reduce the amount of oil use.

The United States is planning on doubling the fuel efficiency of new cars,trucks, and commercial vehicles by 2035. This can lead to saving over 5 million barrels of oil a day. Read More The United States made a plan to cut oil use which is called the Half The Oil plan. They plan on doing this by using better biofuels and advanced electric cars Read More Here

Curbing Carbon

We can place limits on the amount of carbon that polluters are allowed to emit into the atmosphere.

Ways in which we can reduce the amount of carbon we are responsible for is through producing less meat, unplug devices when you don’t need to have it plugged in, drive less, plant a garden, eat more local and organically grown foods, and line-dry your clothes. The most that has been done so far is that the United States made The Clean Power Plan. To find out more about The Clean Power Plan, Read More

Limit Deforestation

Reduce tropical deforestation and its emissions that are sociated with global warming.

Tropical deforestation causes about 10% of the world’s heat trapping emissions. By reducing tropical deforestation, we can limit global warming emissions and emissions created from fossil fuels. There have been quite a few successes in which deforestation has been limited. Such as programs like REDD+ offering rewards to countries who limit tropical deforestation. Read More

Clean Energy Economy

Build a clean energy economy by investing money in efficient energy technologies, industries, and approaches.

In order to do this, we would need to reduce air pollution, cut global warming emissions, create new jobs and industries, diversify our power supply, decrease dependence on coal and other fossil fuels, m ove America toward a cleaner, healthier energy future. Read More and Read More Here