Only one country has completely found a solution to a cleaner environment and that is Iceland. They are using more renewable energy than ever and have the cleanest air. If we follow the step of Iceland, we can potentially reduce the chances of global warming increasing.
They clean the ocean by removing plastic. By buying their products you can help fund their cleaning operations. In addition their bracelets are made from recycled materials.

National Geographic
Not only do they provide insight into the environment and how we impact it, but they are working with organizations to save species from being extinct. Donating can help them with their current mission of saving the Sumatran Rhinos.

Greenpeace Fund

WorldWildlife Fund



0-3: You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work!
Just remember to keep thinking green and to keep the Earth clean.

4-7: You can do better. Look at the options below to improve the environment:
Maybe start using reusable items that you use in your everyday life like a cup or straw.

8-12: Oh no1 You are contributing to pollution! Change your life style now! Consider the options below to improve the environment:
Start little by little. First try not to litter. Be aware of how much electricity you use and just limit yourself slowly with things that you know are harmful to the environment.